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Pre- Hospital Emergency  medicine

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Special Operations:
When emergencies occurs some require specially trained personnel  with extensive expertise in a particular field. Our Special Operations Unit is divided up into three Divisions.

Rescue Division:  
Rescue division is lead by the Assistant Chief John Brooks a fire service veteran and past chief of  East Windsor Volunteer Fire Company #1. The Rescue Division members are trained and qualified in vehicle extrication, including the usage of the jaws of life, airbags, cribbing and etc.

Water Rescue Division:
Water Rescue Division is lead by Lieutenant Brian Foley. Water Rescue technicians are trained in the following disciplines: Ice Rescue, Swift Water Rescue and Open Water Rescue.

Counter Terrorism Unit/Tactical Emergency Response Team:
Recent tragic events throughout the nation have called upon a special group of trained first responders to deal with active shooter and additional  dangerous situations. The members of the CTU/TERT Team are members of an elite team who are trained utilizing the National Association of EMT's  Tactical Combat Casualty Care Course created and used by the military.