Special Operations Command

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Pre- Hospital Emergency  medicine

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Special Operations Command:
When emergencies occurs some require specially trained personnel  with extensive expertise in a particular field. Our Special Operations Unit is divided up into three Divisions.

Rescue Branch:  
Rescue division is lead by the Assistant Chief John Brooks a fire service veteran and past chief of  East Windsor Volunteer Fire Company #1. The Rescue Division members are trained and qualified in vehicle extrication, including the usage of the jaws of life, airbags, cribbing and etc.

Water Rescue Branch:
Water Rescue Division is lead by Deputy Chief Brian Foley. Water Rescue technicians are trained in the following disciplines: Ice Rescue, Swift Water Rescue and Open Water Rescue.

Counter Terrorism Unit & Tactical Emergency Response Team:
Recent tragic events throughout the nation have called upon a special group of trained first responders to deal with active shooter and additional  dangerous situations. The members of the CTU/TERT Team are members of an elite team who are trained utilizing the National Association of EMT's  Tactical Combat Casualty Care protocols to save as many lives as possible during an act of domestic and or international terrorism .